Facebook has crushed its competition: MySpace & Friendster. Still, Facebook continues to make a mess of its “friendliness” towards its users.

I will not attempt to answer that question, but will do my best to alleviate one of Facebook’s major flaws: Status RSS Feeds.

*GAH 2! (NOTE) (10/21/2012)* However, there may be some easier workarounds. Well, maybe not EASIER, but something that will work all-the-same. Facebook DOES allow Status Updates to be filtered through Twitter. You simply have to allow Twitter the access to your Facebook Status feeds. Then, instead of posting Status Updates on Facebook, you do so through Twitter instead. If you wish to keep your FB and Twitter Updates separate, then check out this post here. It explains things MUCH better than I. 🙂

*GAH 2! (8/10/2012)* As of now, retrieving one’s own RSS feed is shutdown completely. SIGH. There ARE however, ways of getting around it… but it will involve adding a Facebook App (Facebook RSS) to your FB profile. It sucks that we’ll have to go through an intermediary in order to make it work, but if this is something you are desperate to make work… well, you’ll just have to make the plunge. Check out this post here for more details.

*GAH! (8/1/2012)* Facebook has done a number on retrieving one’s own RSS feed. The below instructions no longer have any merit… they simply do NOT work. 🙁

Twice in the last three months, Facebook (and its programmers) has completely messed with the ability of its users to make use of their Facebook Status Updates on the own personal websites & blogs. I mean, if they want us to use your service… then allow me to use your service! If you are like me, what you’ve been seeing is this in your widget: Facebook Syndication Error.

Gah! Again? What seems to be happening, is Facebook has chosen to periodically change your Authentication Key. It’s the piece that indicates that “Yes”… you ARE who you SAY you are.

Here’s how your RSS Feeds are structured: http://www.new.facebook.com/feeds/status.php?id=YourID&viewer=YourID&key=YourAuthorizationKey&format=rss20

You can find YourID by using this link: http://www.facebook.com/notifications.php

Click on the RSS Link shown below:

Facebook: Click Here

What you will get as a URL, will look something like this: http(s)://www.facebook.com/feeds/notifications.php?id=YourId&viewer=YourId&key=YourAuthorizationKey&format=rss20

Copy & Paste your latest Authorization Key into your new RSS 2.0 Feed link and you’ll be set… for the time-being. That is… until Facebook changes it again. 🙂