Migrating Away From NextGen Gallery


Do NOT get me wrong. I’ve loved the NextGen Gallery (NGG) Plugin since its inception… and have been faithfully using it for years. Alas, with the improvements in the core WordPress Media functionalities since v2.x, it is time to move away from its proprietary shortcodes, extra tables, and file structures and onto something that works every-single-time I change my WordPress Theme.

Yeah. You know what I’m talking about. 🙂

I suspect few people have tried to move away from NGG, as there seems to be few options. So, this is me trying to document the process. And, here we go.

Escape NextGen Gallery

The Escape NextGen Gallery works rather well, even though the documentation is rather slim. With some additional work and a GUI or entry in the Tools or Settings section… this could become an almost seamless Plugin. Download/Install/Activate the plugin and follow some simple instructions… [boom] You.Are.Done. The ONLY caveat, is it only takes care of the [ [dt_highlight color=”yellow” text_color=”black” bg_color=””]nggallery[/dt_highlight] ] shortcode. This sucks, as I have a handful of instances of [ [dt_highlight color=”yellow” text_color=”black” bg_color=””]singlepic[/dt_highlight] ] and they get left alone. 🙁 The core Media Gallery it substitutes works great with only a few tweaks to get it to display the way I need. I also wish the *log* file it generates were a “little” more informative (displaying the page/post ID’s it tackles is VERY helpful, though). I also really could not tell when the process was complete. This is a bummer. 🙁 The last update was in 2012 so, double-bummer. :(:(

Convert NextGEN Galleries

There is ALSO another, possibly simpler, plugin on GitHub called Convert NextGEN Galleries to WordPress by stefansenk. This plugin worked exactly like the first, except it does a MUCH better job of informing the user of what it will do and what it just did. MUCH more refined and even adds your NGG picture descriptions to the resulting gallery. 🙂 Alas, it has the same limitation: only changing the [ [dt_highlight color=”yellow” text_color=”black” bg_color=””]nggallery[/dt_highlight] ] shortcode. 🙁 bummer. Same as before, download/install/activate/run the plugin and BOOM! You.Are.Done. 🙂 The plugin adds your NGG photographs to your WordPress Media Gallery, leaving you to determine what to adjust.

Overall, they both work fine. I’d choose Convert NextGEN over Escape NextGEN the next time I find myself in a similar situation, though. Now, to tackle the [ [dt_highlight color=”yellow” text_color=”black” bg_color=””]singlepic[/dt_highlight] ] shortcode.

Tutorial for After the Conversion

Ran across an article by alex at https://www.question-defense.com/2009/12/25/how-to-remove-the-nextgen-gallery-plugin-from-your-wordpress-blog… which will be helpful in removing ALL of NGG when I’m done.

…and THAT seems to be it. As I’d stated: there seems to be few options. 🙁


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