GoDaddy Webhosting and Other Such Nonsense

I really don’t understand the issue. I really don’t.

It feels as if everyone (and their mother) has an issue with GoDaddy’s services… to the point where it almost feels comical. What the Hell?

So, I spent a small part of my evening talking with GoDaddy’s Customer Service Department… and left feeling rather happy. All I needed to accomplish… was to simply pull a Domain Name (that I had initially setup as being independent) into my own Web Hosting services… and it went off without a hitch. Do You Hear Me? It Went Off With Out A Hitch!


A Review of the Verizon iPhone 4

Yeah, I drank the Kool-Aid…

So, I buy the phone…

In my defense, for all you Android fans, I’ve been among the Motorola camp for many years: switching my Nokia “brick” for the Moto RAZR and then the RAZR2 & its fabulous camera (a cellphone which VZW dropped mere months after I switched… still not sure what THAT was about.)

Alas, I’ve been limping along on the RAZR2’s ORIGINAL battery for 3 years before Apples’s iPhone4 was finally relinquished to Verizon’s expansive network of CDMA towers. Yes, it won’t do data AND voice at the same time… but, neither did the original iPhone… until the iPhone 3G was released. So… Bite Me!

Skype API and Chat Bots


Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a chat-bot that acts much more than a simple echo server. With the plethora of Instant Message clients on the market (Yahoo, AIM, GTalk, Pidgin, Adium, etc.), it was difficult to determine which IM client suited my needs. First, the client needed to be available across several platforms (Windows, Windows Mobile 6, Linux, OS X). Second, their needed be an existing publicly available API in order to write the chat-bot code. Third, it was imperative that the API was actively being deployed and developed. Why mess around with an IM client that nobody was using?