Google Analytics and Wordpress

WordPress and Tracking Downloads via Google Analytics

Tracking a website’s traffic, one of the many functions that Webmasters will always end of performing (whether they are Guru’s, SEO and Google Analytics Professionals, Web Developers, WordPress Professionals, etc.) for their client. One of the more ‘finer’ tools at their disposal is Google Analytics. SEO Professionals make ‘GOOD’ money knowing the in’s/out’s of Google Analytics.…


GoDaddy Webhosting and Other Such Nonsense

I really don’t understand the issue. I really don’t.

It feels as if everyone (and their mother) has an issue with GoDaddy’s services… to the point where it almost feels comical. What the Hell?

So, I spent a small part of my evening talking with GoDaddy’s Customer Service Department… and left feeling rather happy. All I needed to accomplish… was to simply pull a Domain Name (that I had initially setup as being independent) into my own Web Hosting services… and it went off without a hitch. Do You Hear Me? It Went Off With Out A Hitch!

WordPress and

I had recently been working with a client whose Video Content had been uploaded to Now, I had never worked with ScreenCast video content before… but, like most video “streamers”, there did not appear any real problems with working with such an organization… at least, within the WordPress construct. Unfortunately, I soon ran into a slew of strange behaviors. Behaviors that I STILL do not quite understand. But, fortunately, I was able to determine the best way of embedding “” video content… laying most of my troubles at rest. 🙂

Site5’s NEW Boldy Theme v2.0.2

Yes, Site5 has released a new-and-improved version (2.0.2) of the popular WordPress Boldy Theme. 🙂 Site5 has now begun the honorable prospect of separating their Web Hosting tasks, from their WordPress Theme designing arm of the business… and this type of separation is a good thing. 🙂 Let those that can “host”… host. For those…