Install/Configure your own WordPress Multisite

or “How Not to Totally Screw Yourself” After all this time since it’s been available, I’ve finally properly installed a WordPress 3.3.1 Multisite. What a learning curve… and not for the squeamish. That’s for sure. 🙂 Again, this is not for the squeamish, as you’ll need to know your away around FTP, PHP, file permissions,…


Equlibrium: Wordpress Theme

WordPress Zen: Tightening the Wrench on the Equilibrium Theme

I’ll admit, I really have a man-crush on themes like those designed by Made by On. Especially, the Equilibrium WordPress Theme. This one is so open and fresh and so easily readable…. with ton’s of white-space, this theme really let’s a LOT of fresh air into the page. And then… I start to hate it.…


Facebook: Click Here

Fixing Facebook Status Updates & RSS

Facebook has crushed its competition: MySpace & Friendster. Still, Facebook continues to make a mess of its “friendliness” towards its users: Status Updates included. I will not attempt to answer that question, but will do my best to alleviate the issue… *GAH 2! (NOTE) (10/21/2012)* However, there may be some easier workarounds. Well, maybe not…


Double Face Palm

Well, that was stupid…

So, I finally took matters into my own hands and took the necessary steps to un-install, re-install, update install various versions of WordPress so that it would quit “complaining” that my previous install didn’t go “according to plan.” It all began with me growing tired of my hosting service’s inability to keep up the technology.…


The Morning After Wordpress Theme: by WooThemes

WordPress Zen: The Morning After Theme [Resurrected]

Using the “OLD” version of TMA? The version before WooThemes took it over? Still having problems? Well, quit using that antique edition and download the latest version of “The Morning After” from WooThemes and get busy! I had tried to put the “beat down” on TMA back when I’d first started blogging… it was a…