WordPress Zen: Gridlock Theme is Back?

Well, knock me down with a feather. I haven’t looked at hyalineskies Gridlock Theme since I began using WordPress back in 2004. Hailed by many as one of the first ‘magazine style’ themes, I cut many a tooth during those months attempting to force Gridlock to bend to my bidding. It was work. Gridlock was a pretty locked-down theme as far as WordPress Themes are concerned. But, things have chanced since the days of WordPress 2.x and I was curious how Gridlock had grown. Hyalineskies is not longer available, as Eston Bond has moved on to other things. But a decent run-down of its functionality is still up on his site and is still being managed at Github.


WordPress 3.0 and the Boldy Theme

Site5 put together a pretty sweet theme when they created Boldy. I’d been considering it for this blog for over a week and decided to give it a try. Alas, in the end, I ditched the idea. But, only because I couldn’t quite massage it to meet my needs. However, for someone putting together a portfolio, this theme should be near the top of your short-list.

While working with the theme, I ran across a quite a few confusing problems that I would like to address / fix here.


WordPress Zen: Social Network Plugins

This is not so much a “How To” guide as much as it is a mild warning to the developers of Social Networking plugins for WordPress. I run another WordPress powered website for Comics In Action, an improv comedy troupe I organize. So, I’ve played around with various Social Network plugins for the various networking…


WordPress Zen: The Morning After Theme

*NOTE* (11/30/10) The Morning After Theme has officially moved to Woo Themes. Not only have they updated the theme, but added additional functionality. What is detailed below, is the latest version of the theme BEFORE it was moved to Woo Themes. If you’re looking for additional help with the WooThemes version, then check it out here.

After my son, Jared, was set up with his own website, we began talking about what his goals for his new URL. We started writing manual HTML and basic CSS in an effort to understand the basics of creating one’s own website. We followed that with the benefits of WordPress (or ANY Content Management System for that matter) and what it really meant to separate content from the design.

I gave Jared a list of WordPress themes to give him a idea of what was available. Less than a day later, he had decided upon Arun Kale’s “The Morning After” theme based out of


Giving Your WordPress Blog that “Root” Feeling

wordpressThis has been asked several times:

“How do I get my WordPress blog to LOOK like it’s in the root directory…when it actually is not.”

What has happened, is that you’ve grown tired of how long your URL is, like “”. You want to get rid of that “wordpress” part.

Personally, I like having WordPress installed in its own tidy directory. It makes the “root” look SOOOOOO much cleaner. So, Fire-up your favorite FTP Client and your text-editor of choice and I’ll show you how it’s done: