Changing the WordPress 2.7 Blogroll Title

wordpressBack in the day (pre-Wordpress 2.5…I think) much of the sidebar additions were not “widgetized”. Meaning; much of the sidebar(s) had been “hard-coded”. For those knowledgeable with PHP could edit their Theme’s sidebar.php file and manipulate their own Blogroll text to read as something else.


WordPress, WAP and mobile phones

A couple of weeks ago, I became frustrated with Motorola RAZR and decided to upgrade my cellphone to the new Motorola RAZR2. I loved my RAZR, but it was past its warranty and its main screen was constantly blank. When I upgraded through Verizon, I decided to try out Verizon’s Mobile Web package. To my…


podPress, iTunes and the FeedID

For those of you struggling with podPress, wait to further. Well, you’ll have to way anyway, but here’s some things you should know:

FeedID: You’ll have to wait. It takes time for Apple and iTunes to check out your podcast. For me, I had to wait 3 days before I received a reply from iTunes regarding my feedID. Of course, that doesn’t mean podcast can be found on iTunes.


podcasting with podPress

On another website I manage, we have been toying around with the idea of podcasting a few of the audio and video tracks we have accumulated over the years. The only problem is this: How in the heck does one ‘podcast‘?

Now, some of my friends have done it with much success (of course, because I’ve downloaded them all to my iPod). So, the task was to determine the best way to use WordPress with some sort of PodCasting plugin that would give us exactly what we needed. With as much programming experience I have, I never felt that I would not be able to determine the best solution.