I’ve been working in Black and White photography since 2002. I can develop my own negatives, process my own prints (RC or Paper) and it’s a LOT of fun. Since then, I’ve been able to show my works at several coffee shops in the area. I don’t sell them, as I really don’t want to let go of any of them. 🙂 Even with the advent of “Instagram”, I still find the touch of a Canon AE1 to be the best feeling in my hands.

Most of the stuff I’ve be photographing lately has been portraits. Now, I’m still working on the techniques, so I haven’t posted many of my latest work online. Here, however, are some of my favorites before I left my so-called “abstract architectural” style.


My Favorite: Film

Some of my favorite work was shot on Kodak’s Professional P3200 B&W. Talk about some sensitive film. So, I took a chance and rated the film for 1600 (just in case) and shot an entire roll walking around the Ped Mall in Iowa City one early autumn evening. You know what? I was amazed that it all turned out. No need for push / pull processing the film. I simply followed the development times and chemistry that Kodak suggested.

And Digital

Of course, not all of my work is in B&W. I have an older Kodak digital camera that I’ve used to document my family and friends. More often than not, I use some of the images for other purposes, like the one I shot of a sunset in Iowa City. The picture was shot through a screen mesh, just as the sun was going down. I currently reside 9 floors up in one of the dorms on-campus at the University of Iowa and I have a great view of the riverfront. I ran it through Photoshop and am currently using it as the banner for my ACID Planet account, where I upload some of the electronic music I’ve created.


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