WordPress Zen: Social Network Plugins

This is not so much a “How To” guide as much as it is a mild warning to the developers of Social Networking plugins for WordPress. I run another WordPress powered website for Comics In Action, an improv comedy troupe I organize. So, I’ve played around with various Social Network plugins for the various networking…

podcasting with podPress

On another website I manage, we have been toying around with the idea of podcasting a few of the audio and video tracks we have accumulated over the years. The only problem is this: How in the heck does one ‘podcast‘?

Now, some of my friends have done it with much success (of course, because I’ve downloaded them all to my iPod). So, the task was to determine the best way to use WordPress with some sort of PodCasting plugin that would give us exactly what we needed. With as much programming experience I have, I never felt that I would not be able to determine the best solution.