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Java Servlets: Why hast though forsaken me? Part II

I have found the act of integrating MySQL with Java Servlets to be rather tedious… but, at least the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is easier to derive. Looks like it works OK, but there are still some java-stuff I keep forgetting:

  1. Converting String to an Int -> Integer.parseInt(str); OR new Integer(str).intValue(); OR Integer.valueOf(str).intValue();
  2. String to byte[] -> str.getBytes();
  3. byte[] to String -> str.getBytes();
  4. int to String -> Integer.toStrin(n); OR “” + n;
  5. Integer to int -> num.intValue();
  6. String to char[] -> str.toCharArray();
  7. char[] to String -> new String(ca,0,ca.length);

I don’t know if it’s just the difference between using OpenSUSE in the Engineering Labs, or the Computer Science groups insistence on using Fedora Red Hat. There is ALWAYS some command that works in one Linux environment… but, not in the other. 🙁

Ugh. Now, I’m calling it a day. Stupid Java Servlets…

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