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Java Servlets: Why hast though forsaken me?

My current “Web Programming” project revolves around integrating MySQL with a Java Servlet front-end… all of it running on an OpenSUSE Linux environment with Tomcat and Apache servers running.

This is exceptionally conducive, especially since current Java GUI’s, even with the current Java Interface libraries, are difficult to create. Doing this through a web page makes MUCH more sense. However, I can’t use cookies to hold some of my session data… as my data occasionally contains characters that cookies don’t want me to use. 🙁

I suppose I could chuck the data back and forth using hidden text fields, but I have yet to determine how to parse through more than one hidden field. I do not wish to use instance variables in my java code, because that means I’ll run into problems if MORE THAN ONE client attaches to the MySQL (i.e. synchronization issues).

Well. It’s finally up and running. It did take some time with tossing hidden fields back and forth. Actually, the java language has some good hooks that I wasn’t aware of.

Hmmmm. It actually works. Nice. 🙂

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