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Up and running…

Now that the complicated hosting switch from Linux to Windows… and BACK to Linux is completed, I can get back to rebuilding this blog. For the Comics In Action website, there are still a few items that need to be fixed / tweaked:

  1. Comics In Action
    Comics In Action

    Rebuild email contact list: I recall transferring the hotmail contact list to another format, before I could import them into Net-Sol’s email contact list, but at the moment I forget what I needed to do. I just wish I hadn’t deleted those files after I completed the transfer the first time. Oh, well.

  2. Fix the newsletter form: I think I can do this by tweaking its css file. I wish that Network Solutions would allow me to edit the existing cgi forms… rather than force me to delete them if they don’t look right. 🙁
  3. There may be a bug in the current javascript for randomizing a couple of graphics: I suspect it may have to do with the HTML 4.0 / 4.01 Transitional DTD that all the pages currently use. I’ll have to verify the site against to confirm this.
  4. Danuuc has yet to get me the graphics that Spoon & Butters want me to use for their Agent pages.

Is that it? I’m sure I’ll find more stuff as this week rolls by.

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