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Just got back from Tipton, where Comics In Action performed a private show for the Cedar County Stoplight Players at the Cedar Valley Golf Course. Agent Rutabega gave a press conference as Abraham Lincoln (sorry about the ‘cardigan’ and ‘shawl’ reference – too obscure). Agent Butters and Agent Spoon successfully prevented a hurried Agent Danuuc from getting through security at the airport during a game of ‘Cards’. One my favorites was watching Agent Danuuc shop for a minivan to shuttle his team of trained circus goats.

As usual, the audience was fantastic. I hope that we can perform for them again. Actually, this was the second time we’ve performed for them. The first, was a couple of years ago. We (Abe Peterka, Scott D, Agent Danuuc and myself) piled into Abe’s car and got lost. We did, however, manage get there just in time to perform. Who knew that Tipton was so far away from Cedar Rapids? I mean, it’s what… a couple of inches away on the map?

Just a few miles from the golf course, Todd became stuck in the mud on a B-Grade road. I don’t know how those guys got his car un-stuck. You should have seen the mud they tracked into the building when they finally arrived. As luck would have it, Todd just had the car painted. I hope he can get it washed to a point where Tracy won’t notice.

See you NEXT year, Cedar Valley Golf Course. 🙂

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