Jared and the Batman Kite
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I am Batman. I am a kite.

One of the unspoken questions around the house is “Why is there a Batman kite on top of the fridge?”

The answer is simple; I put it there.

Now, I no longer recall the garage sale I attended that led me to purchase the kite in the first place, but I do recall thinking to myself, “Wow. I haven’t flown a kite in years. The kids and I should fly this kite the next time they are with me at my folks place.”

That was seven years ago.

Since then, the kite has rested on top of the fridge gathering dust and warranting questioning looks by those tall enough to notice. When the kids were here, I never noticed the kite. It was as if it chose to become transparent whenever a teenager’s voice sailed across the kitchen. Year-after-year, I transported the kids back to Tennessee and every time the kite changed its dull, beige color into a black and gray toy of excitement. It was mocking me.

Not this year. Finally, after many years of tormenting me, I caught the kite out of the corner of my eye and brought it down from the refrigerator and onto the kitchen table. I called the kids together. We gazed at its dulled plastic wrapping. We tore into it; ripping its thin plastic housing into shreds. We devoured it. It was amazing.

It was the middle of June and I didn’t care if wind wasn’t in the weather forecast. This sucker was going to fly.

We brought it outside and took it into the back yard. My daughter, Haley, had never flown a kite before. She was unsure how we were to launch it. She held it upside down and when she let go, the kite dropped to the lawn with a soft thud. I think the felt as if she had accidentally broke it.

After several attempts, the wind finally met our demands and began to blow with enough force to drive the kite skyward. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have allowed myself to fixate upon its final flight. It was rather disappointing. The kite kept turning over onto its side and pile-driving itself into the street. No matter how hard or soft the wind blew, the kite would return the ground-level with a loud crunch. After nearly twenty or so attempts at achieving any lengthy flight aloft, the Batman Kite had become so beaten that it threatened to shake itself loose from its tether.

Perhaps we’ll reinforce the seams with tape and glue. When it dries, the kids and I will take it back out and try our hand again. But, that may be five or ten years down the road.


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