Todd and Danuuc playing Battle Field 2
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Danuuc’s Bachelor Party

Let the Games Begin

I had been looking forward to Dave’s Bachelor Party for over a month when it was announced that we would be spending the night at GAMERZ in Cedar Rapids, instead of the typical night at a strip-club. I, for one, was quite enthusiastic about spending an evening playing multi-player games with a group of fellow geeks. Come on! What could be more fun than a room full of 30 and 40-year-olds screaming at each other,”Who shot me?”, “No, OVER THERE!”, “Turn LEFT!”, “NO! Your OTHER left!”

Battlefield 2 Co-Op MODE

I haven’t had that much fun since… I don’t know when. No. Wait. Perhaps Abe’s last Halloween Party when Angie performed… hmmmm ….back to the story. Ahem. Most of the night was spent playing Battlefield 2. Fortunately, most the wedding party hadn’t played in quite some time, so the playing field was rather even. The first few hours were spent killing ourselves in numerous (yet hilarious) fashions. Agent Butters walked out the door of a perfectly good helicopter, while I accidentally ejected myself from the cockpit of a MIG-29. The words “Pull ripcord” flashed across the screen as I frantically bashed every button on the keyboard yelling, “Which one?!”. As I plummeted to my digital death, I watched as my jet sailed beautifully into the 3D rendered skies. I’m sure the view from there was spectacular.

Hustling Our Asian Ass’s

I was playing as Corporal in China’s Army, equipped with an anti-tank weapon. Which, I must add, is a nice piece of artillery. When I “re-spawned” back at the base, I noticed that one of the cargo helicopters was tilted on its side; held up at an angle by the twin blades mounted on the top. “Who can’t fly a cargo chopper?”, I yelled over my shoulder. “Oh, you saw that.”, yelled Ryan from behind me. “I think that’s Brian’s fault”, he continued. “Don’t blame me!”, screamed Butters. “I told you I didn’t know what I was doing. Now, hustle your Asian ass over here and shoot somebody!”

Other Games: Meh

The evening continued with couple of games of HALO and some UnReal Tournament 2004. UnReal Tournament is a ‘twitch’ game as far as I am concerned. It’s really pretty to watch, but the game-play is so fast. There is NO time for any coordinated gaming. It’s just a free-for-all as everyone jumps and shoots everything in sight.

Fragg Danuuc

Somebody mentioned that we should get together and play again as a group. For an evening of fun at an incredibly low price. I can’t argue with that. It was cheaper than a strip-club or going to a bar. I’ve seen bar-tabs four times that much with only half the fun we had at GAMERZ. Sign me up. I want to fragg Danuuc a few more times with a sniper-rifle.

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