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What’s going on NOW?

Anything more on my Senior Design Project? Spent last weekend at the folks house. Mom is doing much better since i last visited two weeks ago. She’s getting around MUCH better than before. Mom has pretty much discarded the walker. She was pretty pleased with herself when she found she able to get in-and-out of the rocking chair that’s been a fixture in the living room.

Larry was gone much of the weekend on one of his many bowling excursions. Beth, John and Emmett watched over Mom from Friday through Monday. Christine came over Monday and hung-out until Larry got back on Tuesday. Things went pretty well.

I’m still finishing my last semester at the University of Iowa. Much of my time is taken up integrating the PIC18F452 and EM4095 for my Senior Design Project: Hacking RFID. To learn more, just visit here and you’ll get a gist of what I’m dealing with.

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