Thanksgiving 2008

an Update on Mom’s Health

Got this message from my step-father, Larry Albers:

Mom is still in Surgical ICU at University Hospitals & Clinics in Iowa City in Bay#2, Bed#6. I have been reluctant to write due to things changing from day to day. Especially, with what I write today being incorrect tomorrow! She is approximately 9 days past surgery with her blood pressure sometimes going down when they remove the heart medication completely. Her oxygenation being too low to breathe on her own at times.

She has had the breathing tube inserted a 2nd time, which is now out again as of Tuesday afternoon. However, she has had to have breathing help during times of sleep with a forced face mask and has a small air mask at other times for assistance.

Her kidney functions have been slightly above average since surgery but are not alarming at this point. Her liver functions were in the normal range several days ago but have been elevated some the past two days. The good news is that she has sat in a chair several times for periods of 2 hours at a time. She is extremely weak and is being fed with a nasal tube only.

Please continue your thoughts and prayers for her recovery. At best, I would guess that she will not get out of the ICU area for at least several more days, providing her breathing can be done without forced aid. Thanks again to all for everything!!

Larry Albers

Mom did have a few rough days immediately after heart surgery. Her breathing became rather labored and her heart-rate was racing like a jack-rabbit. Although she struggled through it, she is still plugging away. I’m sure there were a few days after surgery that she wondered why she chose to have surgery in the first place. 

How a person recovers from surgery can be awfully difficult to predict. We are glad she’s managed to do as well as she has. Please keep Mom in your hearts and prayers. The entire Albers/Lambing clan will gladly appreciate it.

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