Iowa Flood 2008: Part Four

The horror continues for those attempting to salvage their lives following the major flooding of the downtown Cedar Rapids area. My good friends, Dave and Heather Atwater, have been working their collective butts off trying to do just that.

While me and my kids are here in Iowa City, safe and sound, several of my friends have been trudging through the muck. It’s difficult to fathom the monetary damage done by the latest bout of flooding. I can drive through downtown Cedar Rapids along I-380 and barely make out what has been damaged. My mates in the surrounding downtown area tell a different story. 🙁

My only hope is that Dave (aka Agent Danuuc), Heather, Jenny and Bob can come through all of this OK. I may be asking a lot, but it sure would be nice for people who certainly don’t deserve this kind of hassle.

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