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Riff Raff Theater Presents: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG)

My good friends, Chris, Dave and Todd will performing this Friday night (June 27) at 8pm at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City. This time, Riff Raff Theater will tackle the movie that drove Sean Connery into retirement: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

This is the movie that had so much potential that even critics unaware of its legacy couldn’t come up with enough accolades to give this film a more than a ‘mediocre’ rating. Now, I love Sean Connery, especially since he is THE best James Bond so far. Not only that, he gave the movie, Highlander, the much needed boost it desperately deserved.

Although the audience will have a grand time during this production, the best part will be Riff Raff Theater’s offering of their proceeds to benefit the Corridor’s Flood Relief Fund. So, come on down and have a laugh and provide those that need it some much deserved help.

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