Hawkeye the Scuba Cat
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Hawkeye: The Scuba Cat

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I am a geek by nature, so I browse many geek-related websites: engadget, ThinkGeek, Wired or Switched. During the last couple weeks my kids were back with during the summer, we became fascinated with the craziest commercials we had ever seen. The folks at HowStuffWWorks released one of their first television commercials featuring the nearly impossible: a scuba-diving cat.

The cat’s name is ‘Hawkeye’ and he wasn’t too thrilled about being underwater, but the poor guy sure wasn’t putting up too much of a fight, either. When Angie saw the commercial, she nearly hit the floor and asked if we could get a scuba-diving cat as well.

I don’t scuba-dive, so I didn’t have much of a promising answer for her. Angie became so thrilled with the notion of cat breaking all water-related stereotypes, that she gets a gleam in her eye as she states that only when ALL cats can scuba-dive; can man truly be one-with-the-world.

In reverence to Hawkeye: The Scuba Cat, Angie created the above LOL Cat poster. My only hope is she finds a larger picture and submits it to icanhazcheezburger.

Here’s the How Stuff Works commercial:


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