Mom and Emmett


Mom and Emmett
Mom and Emmett

I finally constructed my ‘door-as-desk’ project and am now placing my belongings in a more fashionable place: my desk (as opposed to the kitchen table).

However, my evening unpacking lead me to rediscover a small piece of paper. On the folded scrap of white printer paper, I had inscribed the following medical notes:

  • HR – 128
  • BP – 86/46 (61)
  • SpO2 – 99
  • 250ml/hr

These are my mother’s, Mary Albers, (God rest her soul) evening medical stats that I scribbled during one of my many visits to the University of Iowa Hospitals. I reported them to my family in an email when I got home from the hospital.

I miss her so much. 🙁

2 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. Throughout the coming year, we will both be finding these little notes and scribbles and text messages which will instantly remind us of Mom. It will not be easy. But, in time, hopefully smiles and giggles will replace these tears of such deep and profound sorrow… I look forward to that time… Remember that your sibllings are here for you.. Love, Michele.

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