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The Artists’ Recovery Fund

Mark Salisbury (President of the UI COGS), along with a team of additional graduate assistants, is assembling a series of fund-raising performances. This is for the Artists’ Recovery Fund (ARF). The fund is designed to help local musicians and artists recover nearly $200,000 worth of instruments, tools and materials lost in the Iowa Flood of 2008 in Iowa City.

The first, in the series, will be held Oct. 23 at Old Brick near downtown Iowa City. The performance will feature graduate students in the UI School of Music, along with improv comedy troupes Comics In Action and Paperback Rhino.

The second , also at Old Brick, will be held Nov. 13th at 7:30pm. This performance will feature singer/songwriter Greg Brown, along with local musician Nikki Lunden. Improv comedy troupes Comics In Action and Paperback Rhino will also be in attendance, alon with the UI Juggling Club.

Check out the following links for ticket information:

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