More on the Accident

On Wednesday afternoon, I called up my friend, Ahmed. I asked him to give me a lift to Holiday Wrecker outside of Tiffin, IA. That is where my Nissan Sentra was towed following the automobile accident on October 13, 2008. I had spent the earlier part of the day getting poked, prodded, scanned and examined at the University of Iowa Hospitals. They wanted to verify that my foot was healing properly.

The personnel at Holiday Wrecker were unsure of the old-style automobile Title or Certificate of Ownership. It took some time before they gave us the OK to hand the car over to them. They gave us the opportunity to remove any of the undamaged personal belongings that I had in the car, so we dived right in. We were shocked by the amount of damage caused by the accident, and it became quickly apparent why my left foot was broken: The entire driver-side floorboard was compressed to the size of a shoe box. Ouch. What follows are a few pictures of the damage.

We managed to get everything out of the car, including a handful of pens that I am STILL unsure where they came from. I don’t recall 13 pens floating around the glove box. For those that are curious, I managed to collect my shoes that had become wedged under the brake pedal. Sketchers are expensive for feet my size and there was no way those would be left behind.

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