Changing the WordPress 2.7 Blogroll Title


Many of the “sidebar” additions were not “widget-ized” back in the pre-Wordpress-v2.5 days. Meaning; much of the sidebar(s) content had to be “hard-coded”. Now, for those knowledgeable enough with programming in PHP, it’s a slightluy different story. They could edit their Theme’s sidebar.php file and manipulate their own Blogroll text to read as whatever they wanted..

Now that the latest versions of WordPress are fully “widgetized”, there appears to be some confusion as to HOW to edit the blogroll title to read as something else…something more conducive to their own blog / website.

The EASIEST way to do this is to simply use the Blogroll widget and add it to which-ever sidebar they would like it to reside. By now, they have probably entered several links to their Blogroll and they would rather not edit all those links.

Here’s how it’s done within their blog:

[dt_code]Links->Link Categories[/dt_code]

From here, change BOTH the original Blogroll Title and Slug to whatever the author feels appropriate. The only thing to remember is that the “Slug” should contain “dashes” where the Title contains “spaces” and that the “Slug” should be all lower-case letters.

That’s all. Oh, save your changes. 🙂

Happy blogging.

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