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Lately, I have been rather busy with LIFE stuff…and we all know how THAT goes. 🙂

Over the past few weeks, my eyes have been rather puffy and I haven’t been able to get a decent nights rest in over 6 months. So, last week I took a few days off from work and met with my doctor or “Family Practitioner”. Following the exam, made an appointment to get some blood-work done the next day. In the mean-time, I was prescribed a rather powerful sleep-agent, Trazadone, and a Prednizone variety for the puffyness around the eyes.

I DID find that the Trazadone to be rather effective. But, when I met with my family doctor the following week, the steroids did little to reduce the swelling around my eyes. Fortunately, the blood-work indicated that my 40-ish body was doing rather well. My cholesterol is good and my liver and kidney functions are doing fine as well.

So, why the swelling? Lord only knows. My doctor made an appointment with an ophthalmologist next week, so hopefully this all may only be allergies. In the meantime, my doctor gave me a sample of an antihistamine eye-drop that I’m supposed to take once-a-day.

If I have any “luck” left, we’ll get this all figured out. 🙂

NOTE (7/28/09): The ophthalmologist appointment went well, but nothing of any significance was reported. Meh… at the very least… it was worth a shot. 🙂

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