O Noze! Me Earz Iz 2 BEEG!

Cat Blog: Week 51

O Noze! Me Earz Iz 2 BEEG!
O Noze! Me Earz Iz 2 BEEG!

I don’t know where Venkmann (aka Twerp, OTHER cat) went. Everyone is sad. I’ve looked all over the apartment (even under the futon) and I can’t find him. My Over-Lords had him in the living room the other night, but neither of them would let me play with him. Maybe Venkmann was tired of my rough-housing. Maybe he asked them if he could leave. I would’ve played nice… maybe.

I don’t know. They put him in that horrid carrier and left. It was a couple hours before they returned and the plastic cat-jail was empty. The Over-Lords were crying when they got back, so maybe he escaped and ran away. I hope not. I think he’s too young to be on his own. He’s so little. There’s hardly any flesh on his bones.. I know, I’ve bit him (but, it was just “play” biting… honest).

He needs to come back home. I’ll be good this time. If you see this small cat (see picture below), let him know I’ll let him sleep in my bed every once in a while and I won’t beat him up so much anymore. Don’t tell him that I miss him, though. OK… You can tell him that I miss him. Just bring him back. OK?

Venkmann Stares out Window
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Editor’s Note:

Dr. Venkmann, the kitten we rescued nearly a week and half ago, passed away around 9am Tuesday morning from respiratory failure. Returning from work, Angie found him in our bedroom; quite listless with labored breathing. The vet at the 24-hour clinic thought he may have had some respiratory infection, but with a normal feline temperature, it was difficult to diagnose.

X-rays were inconclusive, but reinforced the opinion that his lungs were quite damaged. Perhaps it was a condition he was simply born with, but he had a 1 in 3 chance of making it. We did our best, but we had little time to get him well. We are very sad to see him go. He was a good little guy. At his peak, he was simply a “purr-factory” and quite playful. He shall be sorely missed. God takes kittens to Heaven… or at least, He should.

One thought on “Cat Blog: Week 51

  1. Even though Spengler wanted to clobber him, he ultimately missed him and looked for him with great concern.

    Venkmann was a special little angel. All kitties are angels but he was especially pure and sweet and trusting. I will never forget his big wide eyes that stared in amazement at everything he encountered, or his ears that made him look like he could fly. Or the white tip on his tail. The vet office said we should name the next kitten Venkmann because it’s such a great name. True, it is. But it will be hard to forget this Venkmann. He taught us a lesson in giving and receiving love. That’s all that matters in this world, really and truly. For a week-and-a-half he had the life he deserved – to be treated like a little king – something so many kitties never have. Goodbye Venky! We love you!

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