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Several weeks ago, I discovered a gathering of I-380 Corridor inhabitants tossing their specialties into a “hodge-podge” of creative individuals. They call themselves the IC|CR|eatives, which is actually a pretty cool amalgamation and moniker.

I found them inexplicably through Twitter; the 1st time the site has completely full-filled the reason I joined the “Twitter-verse” in the first place.

This group appears to run the gamut from Artists & Developers, to Engineers & Photographers. All of whom reside somewhere between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA.

IC|CR|eatives describe themselves thus (from their website):

The hope here is naively simple: by connecting each one of us, we connect all of us—to design gizmos, make films, paint pictures, write in syntax, share coffee, wear sweet hats, bake pies and scribble crazy ideas on absurdly small napkins—with one goal in mind: to create, however it is you might do that.

Although this concept smacks of “Why didn’t I think of this before”, it’s encouraging that somebody took the time to put this idea into an actual concrete/physical “thing”. I tip my hat to those behind Cramer Dev and to all those enlisting their passions to the cause. It is quite encouraging to add my own passions to this potentially ever-growing list of the area’s top-notch creative people in the area. My only hope is live-up to expectations of my newly-found peers.

Hat-tip to Chris Grebner for the IC|CR|eatives graphic.

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