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Well, that was stupid…

So, I finally took matters into my own hands and took the necessary steps to un-install, re-install, update install various versions of WordPress so that it would quit “complaining” that my previous install didn’t go “according to plan.” It all began with me growing tired of my hosting service’s inability to keep up the technology. WordPress bugs had been found that could be devastating if I didn’t upgrade, but my host simply hadn’t made that upgrade available and I became worried. So, I used the “automatic upgrade” feature… made me happy at the time… but made further upgrades through my host much more difficult.

Perhaps I should have waited.

This latest round made it necessary to un-install the current version, re-install a previous version and continue to update the latest-and-greatest version. It asked me to backup my database, which I did not do. All changes from the previous update would be lost. But, I honestly couldn’t think of any update that wouldn’t be covered.

My bad. 🙂 Quite a BIT was lost. [Sigh] [Head] [Desk]

Well, what have we learned? Backup your data. Period.

I’ve decided to not re-enter the previous posts and re-do the comments. I simply do NOT have the time… nor the inclination. Oh, well.n 😉

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