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To My Good Friend, Bill

It’s been less than 24 hours since I’d learned of your leaving for Boulder, CO… and I’m a mess. I was really hoping (crossing my fingers) that I wouldn’t get this way. But, my emotions have gotten the better of me this morning… and I’m already feeling the potential loss.

I really don’t want you to leave. I really don’t. Yet, you’ve been saying this for years… that you would find a better opportunity… find something more suited to your needs… find a better career that didn’t steam-roll you into submission with its corn-rows of cubicles and fluorescent lights. I’ve known this for ages.

I’d hoped that you would find some Rubenesque Iowan beauty. One that would make your heart flutter with satisfaction and glee… one that would convince you to stay. Someone we’d meet (after months of your own private dating) and quietly think to ourselves, “Damn. Do they really understand how lucky they both are?” Someone who saw exactly all the things that I’ve admired you for… for all these years… and keep you here.

Alas, I am being selfish. I know this. I know this fully well. It is impossible for me to place in words just much you, Halaweish and Tariq have meant to me the past 10 years. You guys really helped me out considerably… not just in general studies… but, in your own brand of compatriot-ism. You were always there. I never felt alone. I was part of something personal… something greater: The Four Musketeers.

I will miss you tremendously. It’s just that… right now, you are not meant for these rolling hills. You’ve got bigger fish to fry… and I wish you well. Please stay in touch. 🙂

See you soon.

Your friend,


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