Using the “OLD” version of TMA? The version before WooThemes took it over? Still having problems? Well, quit using that antique edition and download the latest version of “The Morning After” from WooThemes and get busy!

I had tried to put the “beat down” on TMA back when I’d first started blogging… it was a rather disappointing endeavor… my PHP and WordPress skills were simply not up to the task. But, I’d blogged about the experience never-the-less. Mr. Tyrone Spencer, the master behind the men’s fashion website at i.con{blog}, pinged me mid-Jun, 2011… asking all sorts of questions regarding “The Morning After” WordPress theme and my experiences. What began as a simple query, turned into a slew of emails on Categories, Tags, SEO, PHP, and “The Morning After” WP Theme modifications.

NOTE 1: Attempting to use the below tips on any version lesser than 3.2.4 of The Morning After theme may prove futile. It’s just a warning. It IS a warning… but, I’m sure something went WRONG… and that’s why you are here. πŸ™‚

NOTE 2: It appears that is also offering “The Morning After.” However, it is not a recent version and causing people some frustrations with some of the nicer “Options” being removed or simply non-existent. There’s not much you can do. Sorry. πŸ™‚

NOTE 3: (7/5/2013) The latest version of TMA (from WooThemes) appears to be 3.4.0. Make sure that you save a local copy of your personal TMA Theme installation… before you upgrade. Many of your changes WILL be lost. Just an FYI.

WooThemes has done a marvelous job of resurrecting “The Morning After” Theme, not to mention adding their own brand of administration options. They’ve certainly removed much of the “hard coding” most users have had to perform in order to customize their installation. Listed below, are a few things to keep in mind as you work within WooTheme’s version of “The Morning After”.

1. Don’t screw around with the archives.php or archive-template.php files. Just don’t. This is what sent Mr. Tyrone Spencer in my direction in the first place. You do not need the hassle.

2. If you decide to create your own logo in place of the ‘Blog Name / Description” text, make sure the graphic is 400px X 90px. WooThemes allows the ability to upload your own graphic and utilizes your Blog Name / Description as the “alt text” for the graphic… so you don’t lose much Search Engine “search-ability”. But, how do I DO THIS? Check this out from the Admin Panel: The Morning After -> Theme Options -> General Settings -> Custom Logo -> simply upload your 400px X 90px graphic. It’s that simple. πŸ™‚

3. If you are using the “All In One SEO” plugin, then make sure to allow WooThemes to use that 3rd-party plugin. Check the box in: The Morning After->SEO->Use 3rd party plugin data.

4. If you want a custom header graphic… cool. Go to Appearance->Header and upload your own 960px X 70px image. 960px X 70px… don’t overdo it…

5. Want a “favicon” for our website? They’ve got you covered here as well. Check out The Morning After->Theme Options->General Settings. Here, you can upload your customized “favicon.ico”… a 16px X 16px *.ICO image. PLEASE! Make sure that your favicon is actually name “favicon.ico”… Under some web-browsers, unless your favicon is named ” favicon.ico”… they MAY have a hard-time rendering it.

6. Those top-right page links are fixed & working better than before! Go to The Morning After->Theme Options->Header Links. Enter the full URL for those pages leaving “blank” the ones you are NOT using. Yes the FULL URL… “http:…” and all that. However, if wish to completely customize those icons… look at my previous post, WordPress Zen: The Morning After. It will show you HOW to modify those icons… giving you some options. NOTE TO SELF: Performing any of these modifications will “nullify” further updates to the TMA Theme. WooTheme updates to TMA will completely erase your modifications to the header.php file… Just be wary (and what you will have to re-create) when you update your WooTheme TMA installation. You.Are.Warned. πŸ™‚

7. Adding custom footer information? There’s much that can be altered, but at the bare minimum do this: The Morning After->Theme Options->Footer Customizations-> check the enable Custom Footer (Left) box. Add your content in to the Custom Test (Left) entry box… using something like this as a fair representation: “Β© 2011 NameOfYourBlog. All Rights Reserved.”

8. NOTE (5/7/2013) Noticed a REALLY strange issue with the Home page, when working on Icon Blog‘s implementation of WooThemes “The Morning After”. I found that the Home page was adding “blank” [p] [/p] elements before and AFTER the “Latest Post” content. Very Strange. πŸ™‚ What I discovered, was that the home.php file was wrapping the entire “Is this the_content or Is this the_excerpt” query with the [p] [/p] modifiers. ARGH! So, what I was seeing (in HTML), was my browser trying to make heads-or-tails of this conundrum… basically… BAD HTML! πŸ™‚ So, to remove the erroneous “empty” Paragraph tags (before and AFTER the content) was to modify the home.php file with this:

I replaced this:

[p][?php if ( $woo_options['woo_post_content_home'] == "true" ) the_content(); else the_excerpt(); ?][/p]

with this:

[?php if ( $woo_options['woo_post_content_home'] == "true" ) {
} else {
} ?]

Since both [the_excerpt()] and [the_content()] both “self-wrap” themselves with [p]…[/p] tags, there was NO NEED to re-wrap them with an additional “Paragraph” layer. None. Now… this ONLY works if you are writing your OWN Excerpts for you posts… something I HIGHLY recommend. What if you are NOT? Well, then your “Latest Post” will fill the entirety of your front page… and that will probably take up TOO MUCH room. πŸ™‚ Write your own Excerpt. You’ll be happier for it. πŸ™‚