Yes, Site5 has released a new-and-improved version (2.0.2) of the popular WordPress Boldy Theme. 🙂

Site5 has now begun the honorable prospect of separating their Web Hosting tasks, from their WordPress Theme designing arm of the business… and this type of separation is a good thing. 🙂 Let those that can “host”… host. For those that wish to “design”… then, design. It’s a win-win for many of us.

With the change, comes a tremendous amount of headache for many of the previous version of Boldy. Site5 has begun to integrate their Admin features into the Theme, making it quite easy to use for those that have never WORKED with this Theme before. For those of us making the upgrade to the latest (v2.0.2)… it’s a rather tedious scenario.

Working the Portfolio

The most prominent issue seems to be re-creating the Portfolio Pages. Site5 has now set-aside a specific Admin Function to handle these entries: Dashboard -> Portfolio -> Add New.

From here, you can add your various Portfolio entries. One of the “sticky” points, seems to be adding the appropriate graphic for the post. Boldy 2.0.2 wishes your “Portfolio” images to be uploaded at 960×370px. Now, this is NOT set-in-stone, but if you wish for your Portfolio graphics to look at their best… do what they say… make them 960x370px. 🙂

To make the best use of the Portfolio Template, start with adding a new Page to your site and assign it the “Portfolio Template”. If you are like ME, then you will have most certainly called your new page “Portfolio”. Yeah. This will run you into trouble. 🙂 Boldy 2.0.2 does NOT like your page to be called “Portfolio”… only because the initial Permalink structure for this page will end with “../portfolio”.

If you desire to have your page titled “Portfolio”, then you HAVE (I mean MUST) to change the Permalink to end with something else… IDK… “../portfolio-1” or “../mystuff”. If it ends with “../portfolio”, then the site assumes something completely different and renders the page in a Blog/Archive format. This is NOT what you want. You can try… but please be warned. It’s caused MANY a headache for current Boldy users. 🙂

Aside from that, create several useful Post Types from: Portfolio -> Types. This will allow you to create specific “portfolio” categories (child & parent) that you can assign each Portfolio Item. To create each Portfolio Post, just select Portfolio -> Add New Item… and you are on your way. Use the “Add Media” button (underneath the WYSIWYG editor) to add photos to each post. Again… 960x370px. 🙂