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Comedy is my past-time. It’s one of the things I do. It’s just…me. So, when I learn about upcoming comedy events in the Cultural Corridor (that’s the space intersecting Cedar Rapids and Iowa City for you laymen), I like to give a shout-out to those responsible.

  • Riff Raff Theater presents: Die Hard – OK. Shame on you for those that have not heard of this group of hilarious people. This time at The Englert Theatre, they’ll be lampooning the movie that setup Bruce Willis as the ‘go-to’ movie action hero on November 19th at 8pm. The movie is good, but SOOOOO bad is so many ways. Here’s what Riff Raff Theater is all about from there own lips:

Have you seen Riff Raff Theater? Laugh along with Chris, Todd and Danuuc in a production that’s been hailed as “funny stuff” by Mike Nelson, host of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The critically acclaimed cinematic roast sets its sights on the Bruce Willis action classic, Die Hard. Presented by M.C. Ginsberg.

  • Comics In Action – Sometime in November, they are putting together a gig of humongous proportions. Look for something in Iowa City during the 2nd full week of November. I don’t know what. I’m just sayin’.

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