Project 1: Door As Desk 2

Half-way through my ‘Door as Desk’ project, I realized that I needed something to support the other side of the desk. On one side, I would use my industrial-strength file cabinet that sits 29-inches tall. Yet, on the other… I hadn’t really thought that through.

I had been looking through IKEA’s online catalog and found several desk legs that would do the trick. Yet, for this project… they all seemed too fancy and proper. I needed a table-leg that was both sturdy and dirt-cheap.

Well, today I found exactly what I was looking for: PVC pipe. Light-weight and sturdy, PVC is easy to cut and tremendously easy to carry around. Just what I needed. I found a five-foot section at Menards (the local handy-man store) that cost only $7.50. Heck, yes. Here’s how it has turned out:

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