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Why the Hating on GoDaddy Webhosting?

So, I really don’t understand the issue. I really don’t. It feels as if everyone (and their mother) has an issue with GoDaddy’s services… to the point where it almost feels comical. What the Hell?

I spent a small part of my evening talking with GoDaddy’s Customer Service Department… and left feeling rather happy. Because, all I needed to accomplish… was to simply pull a Domain Name (that I had initially setup as being independent) into my own Web Hosting services… and it went off without a hitch. Do You Hear Me? It Went Off With Out A Hitch!

It was easy.

As a web developer, I hear all the complaints regarding GoDaddy. I hear them ALL! Yet, none of them seem to ring true with my own personal experience. None Of Them. None.

Every once-in-a-while, I drop-in on the LinkedIn WordPress Groups and invariably someone has asked the question, “Which Web Hosting Provider should I use?”… and the floods come pouring-in about how terrible GoDaddy is and how one should be using WebHostX or WebHostY for one’s Hosting needs. I guess these people don’t particularly care for the CEO antics. To those, I say he’s kind-of-a-dick. Yet, the company hasn’t treated me wrong so far… and I’m quite happy.

How the heck am I supposed to take this? I don’t bring GoDaddy ton’s of cash for my allegiance. Far from it. I just like what they do. They’ve been responsive, they’ve tried to help me no matter how “stupid” I’ve felt my requests had been… They’ve been… very kind.

How can anyone argue with that?


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